Retreat to Advance

Thursday 4th August @ 5pm-6pm GMT

Have you ever wondered why Richard Branson takes a 'Think week' every year, or why Mindfulness training is mandatory for leaders at Google?

Discover how Pausing can help you give the world the best of you, not just what's left of you. Learn how a retreat can help you to cultivate the most powerful habits for peak performance.

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Danielle North

CEO Pause Global

Danielle North, executive coach and founder of Pause Global will be hosting this high-performance Pause session.

The Pause Method is based on Danielle’s best-selling book Pause, plus almost 20 years’ experience of working with leaders and teams as an executive coach.

Danielle inspires high-achievers and leaders across the world to pause with purpose to reach their next level of performance.

This masterclass is your opportunity to discover how the Pause Method can help you to minimise stress and maximise performance.

Are you a leader or ambitious changemaker who’s striving towards a big vision?

  • Do you find your mind whirring with ideas and strategies all linked to achieving your mission, but are unable to fully switch off?
  • Do you suspect there’s a better way of working that might unlock you to perform at the next level?
  • Are you curious to experiment more with deeper working and deeper rest?

Knowing when to Pause is how you give the world the best of you, not just what’s left of you. When you step back, restlessness transforms into ease, decisions feel intuitive, and flow becomes a natural state.

Pausing is part of high performance. If you’re not truly pausing, then you’re not truly performing. But developing the most effective mindsets, habits and practices takes some time and effort.

After working with 100’s of leaders and running dozens of Pause retreats, we have developed some of the most powerful and effective tools for high performance pausing to share with you in this masterclass.

Join this Pause session to discover:

The different types of performance pausing

From the practices that are daily and a few minutes a day, to those that are monthly or annually – learn the different types of pause practice and how they weave into your unique personal rhythm for success.

Why there is strength in stillness

Understand the impact of projecting your energy out into world for a sustained period of time, and what you can do when the body reacts with fatigue, stress or pain. Learn techniques to sustain your emotional energy in a healthy way.

The power of silence

It becomes harder to connect to your internal compass, your values, meaning and purpose the more noise you have in your life. Learn how to cultivate silence as a practice and find silence within yourself for deep thinking and maximum creativity.

Thursdays @ 5pm GMT Online

This online masterclass will not be recorded as it involves live interaction. It runs weekly every Thursday between 5-6pm BST.