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It’s been a whirlwind 12 months. Remote working has surfaced a new wave of challenges for teams and employees around the world:  

  • Lack of work-life boundaries 
  • Back-to-back virtual calls 
  • Increased speed of the day-to-day with fewer breaks 

To maintain performance without burnout, employees need to continue to find their unique ways of taking time out and stepping back for reflection. To Pause.  

It’s simple, but not always easy.

We know that pausing and taking ten minutes out of each day is beneficial, but remembering to do so and cultivating the habit takes some effort.  

Introducing the Pause 30 Day Challenge...

We’ve created a 30-day challenge to enable teams to do this together whilst discovering their own individual pause practice. This programme is designed to run within an organisation, as a powerful way of enhancing employee wellbeing with ongoing tools for sustainability after the challenge.

Benefits for Organisations

  • Build better connection amongst teams virtually 
  • Inspire new pause practices and reflection skills
  • Improve employee wellbeing through
  • Maximum flexibility for employees to engage
  • Enhance performance using Pause techniques

Benefits of Daily Pausing

  • Improved mental wellbeing 
  • Reduced stress 
  • Increased creativity 
  • Improved professional relationships 
  • Enhanced natural energy 

How it Works...

Step 1

A 60-minute live session with Anu Shroff launches the challenge and introduce it to your teams.  Employees will benefit from a live Pause experience during this session.

Step 2

Then for the next 30-days there will be short online sessions available to employees via an online platform and mobile app. We provide you with content to keep everyone engaged.  

Step 3

The challenge will finish with a 60 minute closing reflection session and wrap up. Employees will be encouraged to develop a plan to incorporate Pause tools into every day life.

The Pause challenge weekly themes… 

Week 1

Pause for Busy Minds

Week 2

Pause for Self Awareness

Week 3

Pause for Calm

Week 4

Pause for Energy

Costs per group: $2,600 SGD + GST as applicable
£1,500 GBP |
$1,900 USD | $2,700 AUD

The Pause 30-Day Challenge runs once a quarter and to ensure
we deliver a great service we only work with a maximum of 10 teams at a time.

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