How to use shared reflection to improve the performance of your teams

Friday 29th Jan 2021 @ 12pm GMT

Discover how to build deeper team connections virtually using the power of 'Pause', and get your teams off to a solid start in 2021.

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Danielle North

CEO Pause Global

Danielle North has been running global Pause retreats since 2013 and is the best-selling author of three books: Pause, Pause Every Day and Sleep Meditations.

With a more than a decade of executive coaching experience (McKinsey, HSBC, Unilever and SAP) she founded Pause Global to bring unique retreat experiences to those leaders who are ready raise consciousness, and step up to shape the future.

Are your teams feeling the impact of being connected but not together?

Hours spent in online meetings; endless messaging and instant interactions; the non-stop stream of to-do's and task lists.

But are we really seeing each other beyond the highlight reels and headline business communications?
Are the people in your team feeling seen, heard and together?

This live Pause session explores:
How do we strengthen our bond as teams?
How do virtual teams develop trust to enhance performance?
What could this do for mental wellbeing?

Join this live session to learn and experience:

The benefits of looking inwards

Discover the power in encouraging employees to look within themselves more deeply.

Understand how this supports their mental wellbeing and enhances how they perform in a team.

Learn what can emerge from deeply connected conversations and shared reflection.

An offline team experience, online

Find out how you can create an offline retreat experience online, to help your team slow down and share with each other.

Discover tools you can use straight away to encourage reflection and connection.

Leave feeling excited to do something new and different that's proven to work.

What is an online 'Pause' really like?

In addition to the practical takeaways of this workshop, you'll also experience an online 'Pause' yourself.

Take some time to become more conscious about your own wellbeing and personal growth.

See what difference Pause makes to you and your day.

Friday 29th Jan 2021 @ 12pm GMT Online

This online session will be recorded and sent out to everyone who has registered.